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Amazing Projects

2016 was a busy year, and the J Marshall Events team was thrilled to work on many amazing projects. We provided event planning and production services to multiple clients, including, audio visual, webcasting, banners, event staff, technicians, staging, floral and many more resources. Here's a brief rundown of events from the later months of last year.  It was an eventful 2016.

Adolescent Neuroscience Symposium

A meeting and live webcast to present the current state of science on the Adolescent Brain. Discussions included how the environment and experience sculpts the function of the brain.

Conversations with Thought Leaders

Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation – discusses the rise of philanthropy and how inequality is a defining problem of our era.

5th Virtual Conference on MHM in WASH in Schools

A live webcast with speakers from around the world focusing on girls’ needs on MHM barriers. Channeling girls’ recommendations into global and national level action.

The Good Dog Foundation’s Annual Bash (at Barneys)

Georgie Girl - Instagram - "GeorgieGirl_NYC"A fundraiser held in Freds restaurant at Barneys. The Good Dog Foundation provides therapy dog services to people in health care, social service, educational and community facilities in New York, and at disaster sites around the country. We were also honoured to become a part of the Good Dog family in 2016 when our very own Georgie Girl became a certified Good Dog Foundation Therapy Dog!

UniChef Television Launch

TLC, Discovery Family Channel and Hilary Gumbel hosted a reception to celebrate the show UniChef, Uniting Through Food. The event included a reception, silent auction and Q&A with celebrity chefs Sandra Lee, Ming Tsai and Donatella Arpaia.

Legal Scholars Against BDS

Hosted by the Permanent Mission of Israel at the United Nations. The high-level meeting included discussions on the issue of law, policy and legislation related to BDS.

And so, into 2017...

We're looking forward to a busy year ahead, and would like to wish all of our partners and clients a very Happy and Healthy 2017.  Cheers, from Julie-Ann and the JME team!

On September 25, the J Marshall Events team and I were thrilled to be part of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA) at UNICEF House.

The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA)This was the first global interfaith initiative to promote safe water and limit the amount of people without access to sustainable drinking water. The panelists, representatives from various faith-based organizations from around the globe, were enthusiastic, hopeful and moving in their statements.

GIWA Martinez BrothersA highlight of the event was the foot tapping and smile inducing live rap performance by 13 year-old environmental activist and youth director of Earth Guardians, Xihutezcatl Martinez, and his 10 year-old brother.

GIWA water ceremonyThe program culminated with a water ceremony performed by all the advocates. Each panel participant brought water from their home country to be symbolically mixed in a large vessel, confirming the commitment to work together to ensure safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene.

The task of providing and securing clean drinking water and sanitation on a global scale is an ongoing struggle with more than 768 million people lacking access to safe water. You can find more information on WASH at www.unicef.org/wash.

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Photos © Stephanie Berger