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University of Sunderland LogoFor the third year running J Marshall Events was thrilled to meet students from Sunderland University in the UK, who were in New York City as part of their BA (hons) Event Management course. The final year students were visiting NYC to conduct research on events held in Manhattan. They took in Broadway shows, comedy gigs and a basketball game, whilst researching advertising methods and the use of social media.

Eventful Discussion

We met at the W Hotel, Union Square and chatted about my experience in event planning and running an event production company in New York. Various topics were discussed including, what the students want to do when they graduate, how to gain more experience in events and what future employers might be looking for.

Meeting and Mentoring

It’s always great meeting young people to offer encouragement and advice and it’s especially fun interacting with, and mentoring, students from the UK. I’m already looking forward to seeing Alyssa Brown, University of Sunderland’s Senior Lecturer again next year and we’re already thinking about the 2018 study trip.

Amazing Projects

2016 was a busy year, and the J Marshall Events team was thrilled to work on many amazing projects. We provided event planning and production services to multiple clients, including, audio visual, webcasting, banners, event staff, technicians, staging, floral and many more resources. Here's a brief rundown of events from the later months of last year.  It was an eventful 2016.

Adolescent Neuroscience Symposium

A meeting and live webcast to present the current state of science on the Adolescent Brain. Discussions included how the environment and experience sculpts the function of the brain.

Conversations with Thought Leaders

Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation – discusses the rise of philanthropy and how inequality is a defining problem of our era.

5th Virtual Conference on MHM in WASH in Schools

A live webcast with speakers from around the world focusing on girls’ needs on MHM barriers. Channeling girls’ recommendations into global and national level action.

The Good Dog Foundation’s Annual Bash (at Barneys)

Georgie Girl - Instagram - "GeorgieGirl_NYC"A fundraiser held in Freds restaurant at Barneys. The Good Dog Foundation provides therapy dog services to people in health care, social service, educational and community facilities in New York, and at disaster sites around the country. We were also honoured to become a part of the Good Dog family in 2016 when our very own Georgie Girl became a certified Good Dog Foundation Therapy Dog!

UniChef Television Launch

TLC, Discovery Family Channel and Hilary Gumbel hosted a reception to celebrate the show UniChef, Uniting Through Food. The event included a reception, silent auction and Q&A with celebrity chefs Sandra Lee, Ming Tsai and Donatella Arpaia.

Legal Scholars Against BDS

Hosted by the Permanent Mission of Israel at the United Nations. The high-level meeting included discussions on the issue of law, policy and legislation related to BDS.

And so, into 2017...

We're looking forward to a busy year ahead, and would like to wish all of our partners and clients a very Happy and Healthy 2017.  Cheers, from Julie-Ann and the JME team!

City Internships Industry Panelists on Rooftop in Midtown, ManhattanI was thrilled to be asked to join the Industry Panel for City Internships a couple of weeks ago, along with fellow panelists Jacquelyn White and Ian McAfee! As a member of the panel, I was asked to discuss what it’s like owning my own business, how I got started in the events world, and all of the different paths that lead me to where I am today. In a Q&A session with students from around the world, I was able to share my own thoughts and experiences in the business world, as well as answer the many questions they had for me.

Julie-Ann speaking at the City Industry PanelCity Internships is a brilliant program that allows international students to work at internships in London, New York, and Los Angeles. After the Q&A there was an informal reception and I was able to meet many students from the UK who are studying in New York. I was able to talk with them and hear all about their own experiences and share my own on a more personal level. A big thanks to City Internships (check out their blog to learn more!) for the wonderful opportunity to share more about J Marshall Events and chat with so many amazing individuals.


1 in 11 LogoFor our first event of 2015, JME were especially delighted to manage the press launch of the 1 in 11 Campaign Initiative in early January. UNICEF, the FC Barcelona Foundation and Reach out to Asia (ROTA) have formed a partnership to address the global problem of 58 million children (1 in 11) being out of school.  The goal of the 1 in 11 Campaign is to reach disadvantaged children through the power of sport within education giving every child a chance to fulfill their potential.

1 in 11 Press Launch

The event premiered the 1 in 11 campaign film featuring sports stars Lionel Messi and Serena Williams demonstrating their own “Keep Ups” challenge and inviting fans to join them at www.1in11.org.

Speakers included FC Barcelona President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, ROTA (Reach Out To Asia) Executive Director Essa Al Mannai and UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, with a special appearance by artist Takashi Murakami.

A great way to “kick off” the New Year!

Sotheby's 1 in 11 Auction

Artworks donated to support the 1 in 11 Campaign, including two specially commissioned works by Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst, will be in auction at Sotheby's in London on the 12th of February 2015.

JMP Launch Party PosterIt’s not very often that the whole team can get together for reasons other than work, but this was a lovely exception! The in-house team and friends all piled into the office for a well deserved celebration - the launch of J Marshall Productions!

J Marshall Productions TeamAfter months of planning a new Arts and Media page for the J Marshall Events site and completing the new brochure, our new department officially went live on April 11th! As hard as we’ve been working, it was nice to finally take a moment to relax, sip champagne and just enjoy each others company.

Christine and Jule-Ann MarshallWhile chatting with her guests Julie-Ann Marshall explained that, “it’s always been a dream of mine to support new cultural relationships between the UK and the US. As a Brit with production experience in New York, I’m hoping that organizations without an office in the States will approach us for their international projects”.

We hope so too! All that is left to do now is to spread the word about J Marshall Productions, follow up on some exciting forthcoming projects and to continue to enjoy what we do!

Pink Flower at JMP Launch

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with Julie-Ann Dawson Marshall, UK-based cake baker/decorator extraordinaire

The two 'Julie-Ann Marshalls' met through LinkedIn. JAM kept noticing she had a namesake, realized that they are both from the UK, both work in events and the friendship grew from there.

Julie-Ann Dawson Marshall

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The thing that I most enjoy about making cakes and designing them is the look on customers faces when they come to collect the cakes. Its awesome when they smile and go quiet, while they take in what is in front of them. Pure happiness.


Name 3 things you can’t live without.

Japanese style cake

My Kitchen Aid mixer, it’s a lifesaver, my arms would be the size of Popeye’s without it. 
My husband, who makes dinner if I’m too busy making models or baking.
 My children who have been my testers – a very important job!

What was your most memorable event/job?

The most memorable, is yet to happen. I’ve got a very big cake to make in the summer and its going to be huge.

Skull Cake


If you could trade places with one other person for a week, who would it be?

My mum, she is such a great cook, and has so many hints and tips for baking, she could write a book. Or Mary Berry, the famous British baker and host of the Great British Bake-off, but just to get close to her co-host Paul Hollywood. He is so fine and a great baker of breads!

Who would you like to share tea and biscuits with and why?

Dawn French, (the British comedienne from shows such as the Vicar of Dibley and French & Saunders). I love her happy go lucky lifestyle and she acts like she doesn’t care what other people think of her. It would also be a bonus that she can make me laugh. Everyone needs a good cake and chat.

Bouquet of flowers cake

If you weren’t in this field of work what would you be doing?

I am a qualified holistic therapist, hairdresser, beautician, masseuse and reflexologist so I would be doing that. Take your pick! But I do love baking.


To see more of Julie-Ann Dawson Marshall's Work, check out her Facebook page: Julie makes cakes with love