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City Internships Industry Panelists on Rooftop in Midtown, ManhattanI was thrilled to be asked to join the Industry Panel for City Internships a couple of weeks ago, along with fellow panelists Jacquelyn White and Ian McAfee! As a member of the panel, I was asked to discuss what it’s like owning my own business, how I got started in the events world, and all of the different paths that lead me to where I am today. In a Q&A session with students from around the world, I was able to share my own thoughts and experiences in the business world, as well as answer the many questions they had for me.

Julie-Ann speaking at the City Industry PanelCity Internships is a brilliant program that allows international students to work at internships in London, New York, and Los Angeles. After the Q&A there was an informal reception and I was able to meet many students from the UK who are studying in New York. I was able to talk with them and hear all about their own experiences and share my own on a more personal level. A big thanks to City Internships (check out their blog to learn more!) for the wonderful opportunity to share more about J Marshall Events and chat with so many amazing individuals.


Bring Your Dog To Work Day LogoFriday 26th June is Bring Your Dog To Work Day in the United Kingdom, and all of us at J Marshall Events, being dedicated dog lovers, are proud to support this worthy event, organised by HOWND®. All proceeds this year are going to All Dogs Matter, a wonderful dog rescue charity based in London and Norfolk that re-homes hundreds of dogs each year.

You as a business, or an individual employee, can become a sponsor by visiting the Bring Your Dog To Work Day website and making a donation online or by text, and uploading your Company Logo or a doggy selfie.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, raise some money for All Dogs Matter, increase your job satisfaction and have some fun at work with your beloved pooch.  We are lucky enough to do that everyday with our JME Family Member, Georgie Girl.


GREAT British Baby Shower HostsI was thrilled to attend the GREAT British Baby Shower at the British Residence, a charity event co-hosted by the British Consulate-General and St. George’s Society of New York in honor of the upcoming birth of the Royal baby.

Attendees bought donations of diapers (nappies) and wet wipes for Baby Buggy a charity that helps families with young children, and a silent auction raised funds for St. George’s Society.

JAM and Zanna Roberts RassiThere were moving speeches including one from guest speaker Zanna Roberts Rassi - Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire and fashion correspondent for E! News – who talked about the joyful arrival of her new twins and how she juggles motherhood and her busy career.

Being a huge fan of Project Runway I was particularly excited to meet Zanna who also comes from the North of England, and she is every bit as lovely as she appears on TV. It was an event fit for a Royal!  And talking of Royal's, my pal Michael-Ann Rowe correctly guessed the weight of Princess Charlotte, and won a fabulous Sweetie Bracelet.

Baby Buggy

JAM and Michael-Ann with donationsFounded in 2001, Baby Buggy’s mission is to provide families in need with essential gear, clothing, products and services for children up to 14 years-old with the goal of improving their safety, health and well-being.

St. George’s Society

St. George’s Society of New York was founded in 1770 by English settlers for the purpose of offering advice and relief to fellow Englishmen in need or distress. Its mission today is to assist disadvantaged people of British and Commonwealth heritage living in the New York area.

J Marshall Events UK logoSavoy TheatreChampagne at the SavoyHaving an office in two culturally vibrant cities like London and New York definitely has its perks!

This week, I received an invitation to attend Press Night for the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels now showing at the West End! However, with the NYC office being so busy I had to pass on the invitation to an associate in our London office. Jerry Mitchell’s “anti-musical” was well received by the Londoners on Press Night and even got a standing ovation!

Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound make a perfect team of swindlers and the two have an infectious chemistry with their female co-stars Samantha Bond and Katherine Kingsley. The musical and comedic talent of these actors was superb and kept the audience giggling right up until the final
scene of the show.

I was a huge fan of the Tony Award Winning show in New York and was privileged to see it several times and meet many of the actors. I can’t wait to see the London version and sip a glass of champagne at the Savoy!

Unfortunately, I have to wait until my trip to London in August to see the show but if you’re lucky enough to be in the area now you should definitely check it out!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Ladies

Adolescence is a new birth.” – G. Stanley Hall 1904

Tommie Scheel - Ben Rosenfield

This week we were lucky to have been invited to an advance screening of “Teenage”. Director Matt Wolf’s historical documentary is an adaptation of the book by Jon Savage. Without spoiling the entire plot I can tell you this film follows the stories of four inspiring, radical, and progressive teens who live in the US, UK, and Germany during the first and second World Wars.

Brenda Dean Paul - Leah Hennessey

Watching this film was a dreamlike experience as director Wolf seamlessly weaved archival and new original footage. He begins the story at the end of the child labor era explaining how teens fought for recognition as a respectable and unified community of agents of social change.

Warren Wall - Malik Peters

During the Q&A after the screening an audience member asked Wolf who his target audience is, he laughed and said "Hmm well, myself. You know… people who take pleasure in delving into the obscure, and of course, our present day alternative teenagers like New York City kids".

Melita Maschmann - Ivy Blackshire

If you fall into this category of people or are simply a lover of enlightening documentaries I highly recommend checking out this film! "Teenage" will officially open March 14th and is exclusively showing at New York's Landmark Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side.

Watch the trailer on youtube!


JAM & Sherlock BobbyFor my last day off in London I decided to spend the day in town with a friend.  Nothing too strenuous, just mooching around, visiting some vintage stores, having an afternoon glass of champagne and finishing with dinner at Bill’s. Since it was a lovely day, I thought I’d pop by Mr. Holmes flat and get the obligatory photo in front of 221B Baker Street, before starting the shopping and champagne. Sherlock wasn’t home, but I met a very nice bobby!

The next stop was Alfies – a labyrinth of everything vintage from furniture to clothing.  There were so many floors and nooks and crannies, that it was easy to get lost.

JAM and Gillian Caplan


Alfies was followed by Spex in the City - highly recommended by our friend Lydia.  I spent a lot of time in the shop trying on frames and talking to Gillian Caplan about charity work – she donates glasses for Kids in Kenya.


I found a cool pair of specs designed by Gillian, and she put lenses in for me while I waited. After all this excitement it was time for an invigorating glass of champagne before moving on to the next place.


My final stop was Blackout 2, where I bought a necklace, but surprisingly, resisted yet another handbag!  David and Fumi were lovely and very helpful. The store was laid out nicely and everything was easy to find. I’ll definitely be going back!


Inspired by all my fabulous findings,  I visited Can’t Buy me Love and Cha Cha Cha in Muswell Hill the next day – by now my suitcase was packed to capacity!

Can't Buy Me LoveCan't Buy Me Love