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JMP Launch Party PosterIt’s not very often that the whole team can get together for reasons other than work, but this was a lovely exception! The in-house team and friends all piled into the office for a well deserved celebration - the launch of J Marshall Productions!

J Marshall Productions TeamAfter months of planning a new Arts and Media page for the J Marshall Events site and completing the new brochure, our new department officially went live on April 11th! As hard as we’ve been working, it was nice to finally take a moment to relax, sip champagne and just enjoy each others company.

Christine and Jule-Ann MarshallWhile chatting with her guests Julie-Ann Marshall explained that, “it’s always been a dream of mine to support new cultural relationships between the UK and the US. As a Brit with production experience in New York, I’m hoping that organizations without an office in the States will approach us for their international projects”.

We hope so too! All that is left to do now is to spread the word about J Marshall Productions, follow up on some exciting forthcoming projects and to continue to enjoy what we do!

Pink Flower at JMP Launch

Ajna Dance RehearsalTimes Square, an area of the city already bustling with people, was the perfect location for Ajna Dance to surprise New Yorkers with a Flash Mob! Their dance, to the song Jai Ho! from the film Slumdog Millionaire, was choreographed by Minila Shah and the participants were ready to go after only 2 rehearsals.

Ajna Flash Mob Dance

The JME team, who love supporting the international arts world, were very excited to work with the Ajna Dance Company again after having first met them at the International Day to end Obstetric Fistula at the United Nations. For those of you who weren’t able to perform at Times Square don’t worry – you have another opportunity to volunteer for the Flash Mob on April 26 which will be held at Union Square!

Flashmob Times SquareThe dance was to promote the upcoming 14th annual New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) being held May 5 – 10. This five-day festival presented by the Indo-American Arts Council will include movie and documentary screenings, post-screening discussions, industry panels, special events, and networking parties around New York City.

Times Square DancersFor more information about the next Flash Mob, contact Minila Shah, Rehearsals start on April 20 – and you don’t have to be a professional dancer!

For more info on the New York Indian Film Festival you can check their schedule here, and purchase tickets here.

J Marshall Events UK logoSavoy TheatreChampagne at the SavoyHaving an office in two culturally vibrant cities like London and New York definitely has its perks!

This week, I received an invitation to attend Press Night for the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels now showing at the West End! However, with the NYC office being so busy I had to pass on the invitation to an associate in our London office. Jerry Mitchell’s “anti-musical” was well received by the Londoners on Press Night and even got a standing ovation!

Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound make a perfect team of swindlers and the two have an infectious chemistry with their female co-stars Samantha Bond and Katherine Kingsley. The musical and comedic talent of these actors was superb and kept the audience giggling right up until the final
scene of the show.

I was a huge fan of the Tony Award Winning show in New York and was privileged to see it several times and meet many of the actors. I can’t wait to see the London version and sip a glass of champagne at the Savoy!

Unfortunately, I have to wait until my trip to London in August to see the show but if you’re lucky enough to be in the area now you should definitely check it out!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Ladies