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Hello JAM readers! My name is Lucy and I’ve been a friend of Julie-Ann for a long time! I’ve been consulting with J Marshall Events from the tea-fuelled city of London for the past couple of years and now I am here living in New York for the first time!

I’ve been involved in events for over eight years in London, Europe and New Zealand for a wide range of organizations from not-for-profits (Variety the Children’s Charity, the Royal Society of Medicine) to large corporations (Microsoft, Reuters, Capita), and I love the different experiences that every event brings.

Since moving to the states, I have been using my event skills and soaking up knowledge of NYC through collaborating with Julie-Ann, volunteering at the World Cares Center and attending graduate business classes at Columbia University. Busy, busy, busy!

I must extend a big thanks to Julie-Ann for making me feel part of the team so quickly, and I look forward to working on many more projects in the months to come. Watch this space for further news on what the next few months brings for me as I navigate New York City, school, events and volunteering - oh, did I mention I’m also training for a half marathon in my spare time :). Good thing I’m in the city that never sleeps!

As a member of the 6-Figures -- Professional Women network, I attended the official launch party on the beautiful rooftop terrace at the Andaz Wall Street with my event staff. Once a planner, always a planner, so I was happy to volunteer and have my team help out.  The women in attendance were one of the most diverse groups I have ever encountered and the energy was felt in every corner of the room. More than 120 women attended the party and more than 500 accomplished women are now part of this group.

6-Figures Launch Party

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6-Figures -- Professional Women, is a network of forward-thinking, financially established women who are dedicated to promoting the status and influence of women in leadership positions. Founder Jan Mercer Dahms is hoping to fundamentally change the way that women in leadership network, and she is determined that this group be much more than a business-card exchange.

Jan Mercer Dahms

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Jan Mercer Dahms, founder of 6-Figures with cookie designed by Casue - a boutique bakeshop specializing in custom designed and decorated cookies.

JME at 6-Figures

JME Team enjoying the event!

Find out more about 6-Figures at:
6-Figures -- Professional Women

With only hours to spare, and the deadline looming, I finally finished screening the last of more than 100 BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) movies and submitted my votes!  I also judged documentaries and there were some amazing pieces of work.  I wish I could mention them all, but here are a few films I particularly enjoyed:

Rust and BoneRust and Bone.  This story of loss, perseverance, and growth is an incredibly moving love story that portrays the importance of family and the growth of the human spirit.  With strong performances from both Matthias Schoenaerts and Marion Cotillard, (who received an Oscar for her performance in La Vie en Rose) this movie was one of my favorites and Marion Cotillard deserves another Best Actress award.

Silver Linings PlaybookSilver Linings PlaybookThis was a complete surprise to me as some of the trailers seemed to depict the usual Hollywood screwball family comedy, but this film is so much more than that.  Dark and funny, intelligent and crazy, it begs the question, what is normal?  With terrific performances from Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and a great ensemble cast.  I loved it!

McCullinMcCullin.  My favorite documentary of the BAFTA season.  This was simply brilliant.  It tells the story of internationally renowned British photojournalist, Donald McCullin, recognized for his unforgettable images of war and urban strife.  His black-and-white images perfectly capture the futility of war, and are beautiful and unforgettable.  Not to be missed!

Documentaries that also deserve a mention:

The Imposter:
Big Boys Gone Bananas:
Jason Becker; Not Dead Yet:
Town of Runners:

So if you want to watch the BAFTA Awards, it will be aired on BBC America at 8PM East Coast Time, Sunday, February 10th, 2013.  I know I will be tuning in and enjoying my tea and biscuits!

To learn more about BAFTA check out: