GREAT British Baby Shower HostsI was thrilled to attend the GREAT British Baby Shower at the British Residence, a charity event co-hosted by the British Consulate-General and St. George’s Society of New York in honor of the upcoming birth of the Royal baby.

Attendees bought donations of diapers (nappies) and wet wipes for Baby Buggy a charity that helps families with young children, and a silent auction raised funds for St. George’s Society.

JAM and Zanna Roberts RassiThere were moving speeches including one from guest speaker Zanna Roberts Rassi - Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire and fashion correspondent for E! News – who talked about the joyful arrival of her new twins and how she juggles motherhood and her busy career.

Being a huge fan of Project Runway I was particularly excited to meet Zanna who also comes from the North of England, and she is every bit as lovely as she appears on TV. It was an event fit for a Royal!  And talking of Royal's, my pal Michael-Ann Rowe correctly guessed the weight of Princess Charlotte, and won a fabulous Sweetie Bracelet.

Baby Buggy

JAM and Michael-Ann with donationsFounded in 2001, Baby Buggy’s mission is to provide families in need with essential gear, clothing, products and services for children up to 14 years-old with the goal of improving their safety, health and well-being.

St. George’s Society

St. George’s Society of New York was founded in 1770 by English settlers for the purpose of offering advice and relief to fellow Englishmen in need or distress. Its mission today is to assist disadvantaged people of British and Commonwealth heritage living in the New York area.

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1 in 11 LogoFor our first event of 2015, JME were especially delighted to manage the press launch of the 1 in 11 Campaign Initiative in early January. UNICEF, the FC Barcelona Foundation and Reach out to Asia (ROTA) have formed a partnership to address the global problem of 58 million children (1 in 11) being out of school.  The goal of the 1 in 11 Campaign is to reach disadvantaged children through the power of sport within education giving every child a chance to fulfill their potential.

1 in 11 Press Launch

The event premiered the 1 in 11 campaign film featuring sports stars Lionel Messi and Serena Williams demonstrating their own “Keep Ups” challenge and inviting fans to join them at

Speakers included FC Barcelona President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, ROTA (Reach Out To Asia) Executive Director Essa Al Mannai and UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, with a special appearance by artist Takashi Murakami.

A great way to “kick off” the New Year!

Sotheby's 1 in 11 Auction

Artworks donated to support the 1 in 11 Campaign, including two specially commissioned works by Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst, will be in auction at Sotheby's in London on the 12th of February 2015.

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CRC 25th Anniversary at UNICEF

CRC @ 25

Kirsten Sandberg at CRC podium

Kirsten Sandberg

This year, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) celebrated its 25th year. The CRC is an international human rights treaty protecting children under the age of eighteen, and currently 194 countries are working to protect the social, political, economic, health and cultural rights of children. On Thursday 20th November, 2014, the UN hosted several high-level events to honor this anniversary which included a concert, panel discussion, a launch with keynote speakers and a cocktail reception for the Queen and Prime Minister of Sweden.

Having produced the 20th Anniversary of the CRC at the General Assembly 5 years ago, JME was thrilled to be part of the UNICEF team once again.  With 5 events back-to-back in different locations it certainly was a full day, starting with the launch of the UNICEF #IMAGINE project with Hugh Jackman and Yoko Ono, and finishing with a cocktail reception for HM Queen Silvia.

CRC Gallery

Hannah Godefa at the CRC

Hannah Godefa & Julie-AnnOnce again, JME was delighted to work with the amazing Hannah Godefa, who moderated the launch of the State of the World’s Children Report and with the incredible Chernor Bah. The day ended with a high-level reception catered by renowned Swedish Chef Ulrika Bengtsson, and with remarks from Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, and Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, Yoka Brandt.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Imagine Concert on YouTube

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Foreign Press AssociationFounded in New York in 1918, the Foreign Press Association has long represented foreign journalists working in the United States. The FPA originated with 11 members and has grown to include more than 400 journalists from around the world. Formed in the later years of World War I, the organization traveled to army camps and factories to cover war stories. After the war, the FPA expanded to include radio correspondents and created new offices in Washington D.C.

David P. MichaelsThe Foreign Press Association is now under the leadership of President David P. Michaels and is changing to reflect the new era of journalism. With the growth of digital media, journalism has changed significantly in the past twenty years with individuals constantly checking computers, phones, and tablets for the latest updates on global news.

In this new era, the FPA is reaching out to the next generation of journalists with the FPA Scholarship Fund. This initiative awards an international graduate student for his or her excellence in writing. The FPA has also granted Foreign Press Awards to accomplished individuals in fields of study such as the arts, sciences, and politics. Well-known past recipients include Albert Einstein and Tennessee Williams.

FPA Dinner 2014 During this time of change, J Marshall Events is thrilled to be working with David P. Michaels, Michael-Ann Rowe (Chair of Events Committee), and fellow committee members Cindy A. Fields and Simon Erskine Locke. We are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday reception, with outreach to young local journalists and planning even more projects for the new year!

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Climate Summit 2014The JME team has done it again! Another UN General Assembly week has come and gone and we have survived! Indigenous People and their TerritoriesWe kicked-off the week with the UNICEF Rapid Innovation breakfast meeting on Monday followed by UNDP’s Forests Pavilion for the Climate Summit 2014 on Tuesday. On Wednesday the busy week continued with the ‘No Lost Generation’ high-level meeting, which addressed protecting the futures of children affected by the Syrian crises.

All In! Towards ending the AIDS epidemic among adolescentsWe wrapped up with the 'All In! Towards ending the AIDS epidemic among adolescents' event at the Delegates Dining Room with speeches from young people living with aids. Hearing the various speakers throughout the week was incredibly inspiring and the rooms were packed to capacity. Guests included heads of state, ministers from multiple world governments and high-level CEOs.

Georgie Girl YawningWorking the GA meant being up and ready to go early in the morning, and the team was at the office before 7am all week. Georgie, our personal K9, was not a fan of the early mornings and remained fast asleep as we made last minute edits to Runs of Show. Security around the UN complex was even tighter this year due to current events,Press outside the UN and more than 140 World Leaders attended various functions throughout the week. We were lucky enough to be at the UN when President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry passed by onto another meeting. Just another day in the life of a special events production team!

Georgie is glad to have us back in the office and we are happy to have time to take her for an afternoon “meeting” stroll. After a bit of rest, the team is ready for another exciting challenge. Stay tuned to see what comes next!

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Activate Talks Team!

© Christine Nesbitt Hills

Innovation, innovation, innovation - the buzz word at a recent J Marshall event rang true for everyone. The “Innovative Approaches to Advocate for Child Rights,” an installment of the UNICEF Activate Talks series, was truly inspiring and aimed to encourage youth creativity. The event took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Panelists included Saba Ismail (Executive Director of Aware Girls), Erik Martin (University of Maryland student and game designer), Sofia Garcia-Garcia (facilitator of the “children working group” within the Major Group of Children and Youth), and Chernor Bah (former Sierra Leone refugee, youth advocate, and girl champion). They were each given five minutes to present their organizations and passions for the rights of the world’s youngest generations in an elevator style pitch. Moderator Femi Oke used her spunky personality to keep the session moving at an exhilarating pace. After the panelists had given their presentations, Femi facilitated a question and answer session from the live audience as well as from the online Twitter audience. The in-house and Twitter audiences helped spread the panelists’ messages around the world and further accentuated the talk’s focus on using innovation to find new ways to solve old problems.

United Nations Conference RoomDuring the Q&A portion of the event, panelists were asked where and how innovation develops. Sofia described innovation as a way to make things that don’t work, work. She stressed the importance of “unlearn[ing] the way we do things.” Erik proposed that innovation comes from “remixing” existing ideas and embracing failure as a learning tool. His last words to the audience were, “Fail a lot…failure is how you get somewhere.” Now that is advice everyone can appreciate! Keep following on twitter @UNICEF and @UNICEFTalk.

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Exhibition Hall An exhibition hall, arena seating 5000 people, 128 Workshops, speakers Bill McKibben and Hillary Clinton, film screenings, live music and dance, book signings, and almost 7000 attendees - it was a huge conference!

Every four years, the United Methodist Women hold a General Assembly. For 2014's conference, I was asked to join the staff as Production Manager for their meeting that took place at the Kentucky International Convention Center - KICC, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Arena Stage

The theme for 2014 was “Women Make it Happen,” and some of the focal points of their workshops were environmental justice and maternal health. Bill McKibben, founder of the global climate change movement, gave a riveting speech recognizing the importance of climate conditions. The key-note speaker was former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton! This was not the first time Clinton has spoken to the UMW members. You can watch her speech in its entirety on YouTube.

Production GalsThe assembly was committed to empowering women to become leaders and promoters of social responsibility. As an all women team here at J Marshall Events, we were excited to have contributed to the success of this assembly!

For more info about the 2014 Assembly, check this link!


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Sir Cliff RichardIt was a beautiful evening and guests gathered on the balcony of the British Residence for an event celebrating the opening of Wimbledon 2014, with special guest Sir Cliff Richard.  Introduced by HM’s Consul General, Danny Lopez, Sir Cliff was charming, witty and looking handsome in polka dots and stripes. Originally in New York to perform in Brooklyn as Morrissey’s special guest, Sir Cliff told me how disappointed he was not to perform with Moz and that he hoped they could re-schedule in the near future.

Julie-Ann & Sir CliffSir Cliff played 3 songs “Living Doll”, “Move It” and “Congratulations” and all the distinguished guests, dressed in summer and Wimbledon attire, sang along.  I admit I knew all the lyrics!  We were then invited to search the Residence for 10 hidden tennis balls, signed by Sir Cliff.  After his performance, along with other eager attendees, I could be found parting palm leaves, inspecting plant pots and searching nooks and crannies.

Signed Cliff Tennis BallI am now the proud owner of a tennis ball signed by Sir Cliff Richard!

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Rescuing Leftover Cuisine LogoThe J Marshall Events team was excited to meet young entrepreneur Robert Lee, a native New Yorker, recent New York University graduate, and founder of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Inc. As a child, Robert learned firsthand the impact that a non-profit organization can have on a person’s life and in a short interview, explained to us how his passion drove him to start the organization.

Can you introduce the organization? What does it do? Who are its main members? 

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Inc. is a non-profit food rescue organization that provides solutions to prevent excess, wholesome food from being wasted. These solutions include food waste consulting services, excess food delivery, co-branding services, and tax credit assistance. Louisa Chen is the COO, and Paul Sun is the CFO at our organisation.

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine TeamHow did you come up with the idea for the organization?

The idea for RLC evolved out of a pre-existing organization called Two Birds One Stone, which is a NYU club that delivers leftover dining hall food to nearby homeless shelters. Louisa Chen and I were members of the club’s Executive Board for three years, during which we learned the best operational practices in delivering food, fostered relationships within the industry, and honed volunteer management skills. During the last year of our undergraduate career, we developed ideas on expanding the concept and creating incentives for partner restaurants to engage in the program. With these ideas, we entered a social entrepreneurship venture competition and were able to win seed funding to launch this non-profit.

When did your passion for food rescue and poverty begin?

My passion for food rescue started with my family. Food waste was never tolerated in my household, which partially stemmed from necessity. These values were ingrained fairly early in my life, but was only an internal self-guiding principal until I was involved in Two Birds One Stone, where I helped others rescue leftover food and bring it to where it needed to be.

What were the challenges/obstacles you faced when trying to set up the organization?

There were many challenges we faced as an organization during the initial launch. First, there were the uncertainties: although we had a working model at NYU, we had no real proof that our extension of the idea would work outside the NYU community. Thus, it took a lot of pitching and convincing before our first partner restaurant, Cantine Parisienne, came on board to work with us. After we started to pick up momentum and began increasing our impact, we also realized that our original goals were too ambitious to implement right away. Second, another challenge we faced, and still face, is funding. As with any non-profit, we have limited resources and still rely on many volunteers to continue to operate, so we truly encourage anyone who can spare just 30 minutes to come and help out.

Paul Sun delivering foodHow is the organization doing so far? What progress have you made?

RLC has grown at a tremendous pace. Since incorporating in July, we have partnered with over 15 different food providers and delivered nearly 10,000 pounds of food to the hungry. However, the greatest accomplishment we've had is in reducing the amount of food waste that was occurring. With our first partner, Cantine Parisienne, we were able to help them realize how much food they were throwing away. The management at this restaurant was then able to take action, and reduce the amount of leftover food. Bringing this excess food to local agencies such as homeless shelters is just one of the ways we eliminate food waste, and we prefer to find the root cause of the food waste to eliminate it before it happens.

Robert Lee delivering foodFinally, where do you want to go with this organization?

I hope that RLC will continue to grow and partner up with more companies. There are restaurants that want to donate food but cannot because of minimum food weight requirements. We hope to provide other incentives for new restaurants to partner with us. Our plan is to canvas all of lower Manhattan by the end of 2014 and reduce instances of food waste by at least 50%. We hope to make use of new technology to identify instances of leftover food at a faster pace ensuring that no food is wasted.

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JMP Launch Party PosterIt’s not very often that the whole team can get together for reasons other than work, but this was a lovely exception! The in-house team and friends all piled into the office for a well deserved celebration - the launch of J Marshall Productions!

J Marshall Productions TeamAfter months of planning a new Arts and Media page for the J Marshall Events site and completing the new brochure, our new department officially went live on April 11th! As hard as we’ve been working, it was nice to finally take a moment to relax, sip champagne and just enjoy each others company.

Christine and Jule-Ann MarshallWhile chatting with her guests Julie-Ann Marshall explained that, “it’s always been a dream of mine to support new cultural relationships between the UK and the US. As a Brit with production experience in New York, I’m hoping that organizations without an office in the States will approach us for their international projects”.

We hope so too! All that is left to do now is to spread the word about J Marshall Productions, follow up on some exciting forthcoming projects and to continue to enjoy what we do!

Pink Flower at JMP Launch

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